The rail power market in Germany was largely liberalised by the introduction of the grid access model in 2014, accompanied by the introduction of automated information exchange based on XML data structures. Market participants are thus required to adapt and specialise their system and processes.

While there are standard systems available for public utilities, essential components of Information Technology need to be created individually to gain access to the rail power network.

Based on these requirements, we can offer the following services to our customers, whether railway companies or owners of locomotives:

  • Rail power communication
  • Remote reading TEMA boxes
  • Rail power management

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Rail Power Communication

We provide our customers with a convenient web application that can be used to display the communication of all messages and processes.


Our web application facilitates:

  • Registration of locomotives to virtual tapping points, precise to the minute

  • Communication of border crossings and traction performance parameters

  • The display of data of the locomotives, as well as of positive and negative confirmation messages

  • The display of locomotive allocation messages / load profiles for information and coordination purposes

  • The possibility of rejecting / approving energy data from DB Energie

  • Export function into common data formats

On the bases of the present data, we can compile customer-specific statistics such as consumption analyses for locomotives, and calculate electricity forecasts.

Our customers' experiences are constantly incorporated into the innovation process, the continuous improvement, and further development of our web application. All processes of monitoring and plausibility checks are continuously carried out by the qualified employees of UKL iT & Logistik GmbH.

Remote reading TEMA boxes

The specially programmed interface allows remote reading of the electricity meters (TEMA boxes and Railway / Railpower boxes). We will provide you with values of energy consumption and energy recovery of each locomotive via the web portal.

In this way, it is more convenient for you to check the plausibility of the values which are invoiced by the rail power network operator, and to create evaluations on the consumption behaviour of your locomotives.

Rail Power Management

Tasks around the topic of rail power do not represent the original core competence for railway undertakings and operators of locomotives. Nevertheless, a great deal of specific knowledge must be available in order to understand and implement all processes relating to the topic rail power. 

This is largely due to the complex XML-based processes, which are still of low maturity and often faulty. Coupled with the high power consumption of the locomotives, it results in a significant cost driver for the railway undertakings.

For customers who do not want to take care of the complex and multilayered aspects of rail power, we offer a qualified outsourcing of business processes in this area. The experts of the rail power team take over the entire handling of this tiresome topic and stand up for your interests at any time.

This gives you the greatest possible degree of security in one of the main cost drivers, and at the same time it allows you to focus on your core business.

Excpert of the scope of services

  • Transmission / verification of data which are intended for DB Energie
  • Plausibility check of measured values

  • Processing of settlement documents

  • Tracking of corrections / cancellations

  • Clarification of problems / errors

  • Provision of evaluations / reports

  • Examination of invoices by DB-Energie with regard to

    • the settlement of correct quantities

    • the application of correct prices and tariffs

As a rail power management customer, you benefit from our full service. All you have to do is to send us the data of your locomotives. We will take care of the rest so that you will have more time for the more important issues in rail transport.