Today, it is essential to take a holistic view on operational performance processes.

A constant flow of information and a consistent database in all of these processes are of immense value. At this point, ERP systems play a major role. By use of a software which enables a central handling of all core processes, companies benefit from a reduced workload and error rates, as well as a significantly higher quality.

Integrated Rail Solutions (IRS) is the ERP solution from UKL iT & Logistik specified on rail freight transport.

IRS includes numerous integrated modules which are specially geared to the different tasks and processes of the railway market.

The development of IRS started in cooperation with the railway transport company ITL as a pilot customer in 2010. Thanks to the close cooperation, it was possible to create a software which takes the special needs of rail freight logistics into account, and it convinces through pragmatic solutions.


IRS consists of several individual modules. While each module represents a specific function, modules can be connected to enable interaction and data exchange.

Customers can individually compile these modules by chosing from the catalogue of available products. This modular structure facilitates expandability for future developments.

Main modules from IRS for EVU

management for traction units

management with master data and technical paramters

Train path application

Integrated process of ordering trains paths from DE Netz

Train management

Graphical planning of the services on the trains

Personal management

Graphical planning of train drivers, wagon masters, and further staff


Transmission of master data about wagons and mileage to RSRD² within the framework of TAF TSI


Automatic integration of timetable data from DB Netz.


Automatic integration of the train status information LeiDis to track running services

Energy management

Evaluation of load profiles for electric locomotives with automatic allocation of consumption to train runs and customer orders.

Grid access of traction current

Communication of allocation documents and traction performance parameters within the framework of the grid access model with DB Energie

Settlement / Controlling

Invoicing of and comprehensive reporting on all available information

Technical Aspects

IRS has been developed on the basis of modern technologies using the Microsoft .NET framework. Thereby, IRS can easily be integrated into existing Microsoft environments, which most companies have implemented these days.

A particular strength of IRS is the usage of the eXpressApp framework (XAF) by DevExpress. XAF offers an ideal base platform for the development of enterprise software. It contains a multitude of functions that are required in every application, ranging from filters and search functions to complex report designers and role-based authorisation concepts. The wide range of functions enables a development with a focus on essentials: the actual business processes. At the same time users benefit from an interface which is individually adaptable and supportive.


IRS can be operated on own servers or as a cloud solution. For the cloud version, UKL undertakes several tasks including the establishment, maintainance and operation of both the IT solution and the underlying infrastructure. The only condition is a stable Internet connection of average speed.