Freight invoices are a complex matter, just like their inspections, and departments often lack in logistical expertise.

We have gained experience for more than 30 years and deepened out knowledge about checking invoice data of various European railway companies in wagon load traffic and container transport. If you need an expert to assist you in these complex matters, we are the partner you have been looking for! Whether the invoice data can be retrieved from the Internet, made available in different file formats, or are generated as paper invoices: We offer a high degree of automation and optimal process reliability.

We support you in:

  • Invoice verification

  • Freight management

  • Transfer of target/actual costs to various IT systems

  • Accounting

  • Complaint management

  • Customer-specific statistics

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CoE Freightrevision

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Information as OnePager:

Below, you find an overview of the main scope of services:

Freight revision of different service providers with reference to:

  • Double invoicing

  • Check of runnings under load

  • Idling control (e.g. included idling runs, workshop runs)

  • Price and factual review

  • Alternative freight calculation

  • Grouping of individual wagons/groups to form block trains

Likewise, rent or other charges like:

  • Demurrage

  • Port access fees

  • Currency adjustment

  • Hazardous goods fee

  • Weighing charges

Freight management support:

  • Price negotiations / freight purchasing

  • Service contracts, customer agreements

  • Bonus/penalty agreements

  • Campaign cargoes

  • 4-eyes principle

  • Monitoring of contract validity

  • Higher transparency through our tariff system (consideration of national and international price lists and tariffs)

  • Handling of freight enquiries

In all of our activities we do not only keep an eye on the actual costs but also on the target costs. Thanks to cross-departmental cooperation, we give an overview of the expected costs on basis of our preliminary costing; even before billing. We transfer the target costs to various IT systems, e.g. SAP. Possible errors in bills of lading are located and corrected, e.g. by the IFTMAN check, before they result in false invoices. This also increases the informative value of your reserves.


In addition to the actual billing, cost allocation plays a significant role in the identification and traceability of invoice amounts.

We support you in accounting:

  • Orders

  • Branch offices

  • Products

  • Cost centers

Our complaints management is commission-free. Customers benefit from processes which have been progressed over years and help reduce expenditure of time and effort. We independently prepare declarations of assignment and of acceptance. In addition, we submit and pursue complaints until they have been cleared. Based on these complaints, we offer to give you an overview on demand. Accordingly, cancellations and credit notes can be checked and assigned. Not only do we deal with complains, we actively investigate the causes!

Individual customer statistics complete our range of services:

  • Invoice overviews

  • Quantity analyses

  • Monthly / quarterly / annual overviews

  • Annual quantity development

  • Reduced loads

  • Booking files in various formats

  • Target / actual cost comparison

  • Decade / monthly financial statement

If required, we can also help you with SAP bookings. We receive invoices from various service providers and check them on the basis of the existing agreements. Billing lists, service entry sheets, parking references, and profit centers are not new to us.

Moreover, we retain the data available to us on a long-term basis. You can be assured that we will treat your internal company and freight information strictly confidential!