In recent years, we have specialised in the development of data communication tasks between the various parties involved in rail freight transport, including a process mapping to be realized on a daily basis.

We offer a flexibly configurable system, and we provide an open platform with which dynamic and complex business processes can be mapped.

In order to be able to handle diverse IT interfaces, we accept a wide range of data formats and structures. Thus, we connect customers and their service providers and enable them to communicate in a system-independent, cross-system, and standardised way.

We guarantee a fast adaptation to both your individual operating procedures and changing logistics processes. Following your requirements, we can analyse and prepare the existing data bases.

Your benefits:

  • Standardised communication

  • Cross-system information transfer

  • Data transmission via secure and modern media

  • Monitoring of data transfer

  • Plausibility checks
  • Centrally controlled adaptations

  • Customerspecific data analysis