Our Logistics Services comprises the section of order management, fleet management, freight revision and rail power

The cooperation of all departments ensures a smooth and transparent transport process; from the bill of lading to tracking & tracing up to the freight invoicing. UKL iT & Logistik facilitates the central control of all sectors to achieve long-term reduction of workload and error rates.

Generally, the logistics services consist of very customer-specific and flexible agreements, so that it is possible at any time to adopt certain units of the offered services separately.

Close cooperation with our customers and different EVUs fosters a continuous enhancement of our range of services to meet the specific needs of all parties involved and to offer convincing solutions.

Furthermore, we support a large number of railway companies in the complex management of rail power,  which has resulted from the liberalisation of the german energy market.

Carolin Katona

Head of Logistics-Services

+49 (0)5253 9338-31