We offer a wide portfolio of services in the field of fleet management. Nowadays, a good fleet management is indispensable.

We support you in processes like dispatching, location monitoring, wagon pool administration, as well as revision and maintenance management.

Our entire range of fleet management services is specifically designed to meet your requirements. You decide which information is relevant to you and in which areas we can support you with our experience.

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Disposition / Monitoring

Through EDI interfaces to all European rail transport companies, we constantly receive up-to-date wagon status information on your single wagon or block train services. We prepare these data and make them available to you according to your requirements, several times a day and on different transmission routes.

Our range of services supports you in:

Planning and Control

Organisation of your logistics processes

Resources / Wagon Availability

optimal use of your capacities

Order Processing

Disposition of orders, from the loading point to the customer


monitoring of punctual deliveries

Monitoring throughout Europe

Real-time status messages for each consignment

Transport Escort

efficient handling of the entire transport

Creation of Reports, Evaluations, Analyses, Statistics 

Customised solutions

Our offer to accompany your dispositions contributes to a continuous information exchange. Both you and your consignee are continuously informed about the current location of your wagons at a predetermined time.

Overview of important features:

  • Accurate location data of each wagon

  • Status of delivery in real time

  • Europe-wide tracking of wagons

  • Wagon availability

  • Report about delivery delay  / notifications

  • Network railway

  • Operational capability and optimisation of the wagon fleet

  • Monitoring of delivery

  • Provide customers and clients with information

  • Reduction of unused capacities

  • Customer-specific reports

    • Wagon capacity utilisation

    • Delay analysis

    • Quantity analysis

    • Circulation analysis

    • Stationary days


Revision and Maintenance Management

To reach an optimal capacity utilisation of a vehicle fleet, it is essential to keep downtime to a minimum. Through consistent cooperation and a constant flow of information between all parties are much more transparent. For us, it is vital to meet deadlines and dates of revision, and to immediately accept and process damage reports.

Our range of services will support you in:

Minimizing of Downtime

through constant contact with repair workshops and keepers

Spacing out revisions

Thorough timing of planned revisions to maximise waggon availablity.


constant transparency of type, cause and duration of damage and workshop visits


reports of type and duration of workshop visits

Assertion of recourse

on the basis of contract conditions and agreements of goodwill


objective examination of all processes

You need transparency for constant cost optimization. For this purpose, we develop customer-specific evaluations.

An overview of important features:

  • Acceptance and processing of damage reports

  • Planning and control of maintenance and deadlines

  • Repair processing in coordination with wagon rental companies, workshops, and railways

  • Proactive information flow

  • Complete documentation of the history of maintenance

  • Fast access to relevant and up-to-date information

  • Daily reports

  • Analysis of type and duration of workshop visits

  • Examination of considerably long workshop stays

  • Invoice verification and documentation of all costs

  • Coordination of all communication processes:

    • Disposition of damaged wagons to a workshop

    • Disposition of repaired wagons from a workshop

    • Organisation of mobile service calls / on-site repair

    • Monitoring of repair services

    • Deadline tracking


Wagon Pool Administration

Transparency about rented fleets and related costs is indispensable. The administration of rental contracts ensures not only qualified factual and pricing audit, but also compliance with notice periods. Thanks to a complete recording of the status information of each consignment in our Tracking & Tracing system, we are able to accurately evaluate circulation times. On that basis, we can help you to make decisions about wagon rentals and cancellations.

Our range of services will support you in:

Rental Contract Administration

Management of rental contracts including the mapping of all relevant contract contents

Wagon Capacity Analysis

Determination of wagon demand and wagon

Rental invoice verification

Qualified invoice verification on the basis of the contract agreed on by you and a holder

With our wagon pool administration you benefit from a complete recording and transparency about your wagon fleet.

An overview of essential features

  • Support in rental, leasing, and contract renewal

  • Review of technical requirements at loading points with regard to the requested wagon material

  • Complete documentation of contracts and their development

  • Master data maintenance for all wagons from a technical and a commercial point of view

  • Fast access to relevant and up-to-date information

  • Daily reports

  • Automatic creation of credit memos within the credit procedure

  • Automatic settlement of rent refunds in coordination with rental companies

  • Regular utilisation capacity analyses and development of proposals for an optimized utilisation of wagons, taking into account circulation times, loading days, and downtimes at your consignees'.